Immigration Law

Immigration law includes a wide variety of elements. There are many ways for people to immigrate to America or stay in America permanently if they are here on a temporary status. Additionally, the firm can assist people who came to the U.S. without documents and/or currently are in removal proceedings. Most commonly, immigration law includes:

  • B-1 and B-2 tourist visas: these are issued very frequently to overseas visitors, and they're a relatively quick and simple way for family members to reunite with one another in the short term.
  • J-1 and F-1 student visas: numerous people are coming to the U.S. now on student visas. This is a great place to study, and students who finish school here often can go on to optional practical training (OPT) or may end up getting a job here.
  • H-1B visas: these are employment-based visas. These are tremendously valued because they can be converted into green cards, which then can be a path to citizenship.
  • Conversion from green card to citizenship.
  • Deferred action (DACA, or the modified Dream Act): numerous Colorado young people qualify for a deferred action, under which they can avoid deportation and receive work authorization.
  • Removal proceedings: if you are in removal proceedings, you have options for staying in the country.
  • Political asylum: a powerful option that can be a good choice for those out of options.
  • Family based immigration: a method for bringing in siblings, parents and children.