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Posts tagged "Mediation"

Preparing for Mediation with your Attorney

The family law Alternate Dispute Resolution movement has taken a firm hold in Colorado courts. It is required in almost all jurisdictions and even if there is an agreement between the parties to resolve the disputes in their divorce, some counties still make the parties go to mediation. Mediation is usually dreaded by clients and not taken seriously. Most parties do not want to be forced in a room with their spouse to try to resolve their personal disputes and they don't see the value in mediation. However, mediation is an important step in the resolution of the case and it can be a time and cost saving alternative to court. Here are some ways you can work with your attorney to feel prepared to go to mediation and get the results you want.

Family Law: Helpful Tips in a Divorce

Divorces are usually never fun. They are stressful, time-consuming and fueled by emotion. The latter usually drags the divorce process out for what seems like an eternity. While you are probably mad at your spouse, you will be amazed what a little cooperation will do to the process. It will be quicker, less time-consuming, and most importantly, less costly. Here are some helpful tips to make your divorce a little less stressful and much less time consuming

The Benefit of Taking Mediation Seriously in Family Law Cases

Mediation is now required in family law cases to help parties resolve their disputes without the governing hand of the Court. Mediation involves a neutral third party that hears both sides of the case and can advise parties outside of the courtroom. Attorneys are not necessarily required, but they are still recommended. The idea behind mediation is to let the parties have more control over the decisions that will affect the outcome of their cases and to save the parties time and money. The parties know their situations much better than a Judge and results are usually more tailored to each party's needs and wants. However, in many cases mediation is not taken seriously and viewed as a required evil with no real positive impact. Mediation should be taken seriously though, as it is always better for the parties to come to a mutual decision than having the hand of the Court decide. Here are some benefits of taking mediation seriously:

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