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Colorado PUC Issues

Denver, Colorado, PUC Attorneys

Business owners who try to start a public transport company in the city of Denver and throughout Colorado often find themselves thrust into the difficulties of dealing with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Commonly known as the PUC, it’s a government agency that is in charge of regulating Colorado industries like electrical, gas, rail, steam, telecommunications, water and transportation. For many entrepreneurs looking to get into one of these industries – especially transportation, which is quite common now – it can be quite intimidating to deal with the PUC.

Helping You Start Your Business

Many business owners who apply for transportation licensing authority with the PUC quickly find that there is a barrier to this through something called an “intervention.” Under the PUC’s intervention process, once a company receives authority to operate as a transit carrier, it can file an intervention to prevent others from getting similar authority from the PUC.

Will I Face an Intervention?

If you are trying to run a company that engages in charter services or non-emergency medical transportation, you probably will. Colorado companies like Yellow Cab and Metro Taxi, in addition to others, have become very aggressive in filing interventions to prevent competition.

An Intervention Has Been Filed Against My Company. What Do I Do?

The first thing to do is understand that this is a serious problem. You can’t simply write a letter to the PUC or chat with someone there to get the intervention lifted. You have two main options. One, you can go to hearing against the company that has intervened. For those unfamiliar with the process, this can be very intimidating. A hearing has very complex, lengthy and specific rules. It is very similar to a trial. If you lose at hearing, you will not receive a license to operate. Bear in mind, too, that big companies will be represented at a hearing by very skilled attorneys, and beating them professionally in a hearing is very difficult if you’re not used to facing them. Another option is to negotiate a settlement to convince an intervening company to drop the intervention. You can attempt to do this yourself. Again, however, it’s very hard to negotiate favorable terms against experienced attorneys whose job it is to keep you out of business.

Can Your Firm Help?

Yes. At Kishinevsky & Raykin, Attorneys at Law, we have handled several PUC cases and are quite comfortable negotiating settlements with intervening companies and taking them head on. We will do what it takes to help you get your business off the ground or to assist you with any other issues with the PUC.

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