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Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Internet Will

The idea of buying a cheap will on the Internet appeals to many people who are looking for a quick option, but ultimately this is a bad idea that will end up costing your family a great deal more in the long run – both in terms of money and emotions.

People often will come to an attorney’s office and request a “simple will.” In the vast majority of cases, no such thing is possible. This is due to several reasons. First off, a will is a more complex legal instrument than many people think, and what people often attempt to do in wills certainly can be complicated. Such an instrument must be written with precision and handled with care. Second, a will by itself may be inadequate. Other instruments, such as revocable trusts, for example, may be necessary to achieve a person’s goals. A $30 will is no replacement for a professionally developed trust. Finally, when people sit down and begin to think about their entire estate, they quickly realize that it is more complicated than they originally believed. People may have properties, pensions, retirement plans, expensive personal items, family heirlooms, mutual funds, life insurance policies and various other financial instruments. No person should reasonably expect an Internet will that they completed in half an hour to adequately dispose of all of these things.

A sad reality is that familial discord is often triggered when a family member passes without having left proper arrangements for what should happen to their belongings upon death. The last thing that anyone wants is to have their passing lead to unnecessary and prolonged family battles.

The bottom line is this: you’ve worked hard your entire life in order to provide for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let one poor decision affect your legacy. Work with a professional to ensure that your loved ones are properly taken care of.

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