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Aurora Child Support Modification Attorneys

Reaching agreement on family law issues is often a struggle that can drain an individual emotionally and financially. No one wants to have to go back and revisit an issue that has just been struggled over. Unfortunately, even the most thorough family law agreements may no longer reflect reality if circumstances change. For example, a parent may lose a job and be unable to meet his or her child support obligations.

When the reality of your circumstances do not match up with your family law agreement or if the other party to the agreement is no longer cooperating, you can ask the court for help:

  • Modification — You can ask the court to change the terms of different family law agreements, including divorce, child custody and child support agreements, when there has been a change in circumstances that merits the requested change.
  • Enforcement — If the other party is not fulfilling his or her obligations under your family law agreement, you can ask the court to enforce his or her cooperation.

The main issues that people typically need to modify or enforce are:

  • Child custody — Many people want more time with their child. If the visitation is unbalanced, the court will often lean toward a 50-50 division of p
  • Child support — Many changes can impact child support levels, including, rising educational costs, changes in visitation, a parent receiving a substantial raise or failure to pay child support.

Let Our Skillful Attorneys Help Your Family

At Kishinevsky & Raykin, Attorneys at Law, our attorneys have the skill and experience necessary to help you when you are faced with a family law agreement that no longer reflects the reality of your situation or an uncooperative other parent or ex-spouse. We understand how to present highly persuasive cases that can help you secure the modification or enforcement action that you need. You do not have to live under difficult circumstances that go beyond your family law agreement. We can help.

Take The Steps To Modify Or Enforce An Agreement

If you require a modification or enforcement of a family law agreement, an experienced lawyer can help. The Aurora child support modification attorneys of Kishinevsky & Raykin, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, are committed to helping you effectively navigate the obstacles confronting you. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 720-863-4256 or contact us online.

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