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We Care About Your Child’s Future

Is your child facing suspension, expulsion or some other form of inappropriate discipline at school? Attorney Igor Raykin can help you defend your child’s rights and his or her access to the education he or she deserves.

  • Suspension — Often the first question parents have is whether or not there is a mechanism by which they can appeal their child’s suspension. Often there is. Suspensions can range from one to five days. Common reasons for suspension include bullying and drug charges. Especially with marijuana legalization and before that, medical marijuana, a child having marijuana in school is a common drug-related cause for suspension.
  • Expulsion — A school cannot expel a student. The school can merely recommend a student for expulsion. Also, expulsion does not mean your child will not be schooled for the remainder of that year. He or she will simply be schooled with other expelled students. Anytime a student is facing expulsion he or she receives a hearing as part of his or her due process. Further, if the expulsion is not successfully fought at the hearing parents have the right to appeal to the school board. An unfortunate fact is that the school hires the hearing officer who conducts the hearing. Having an attorney representing your child can make a school more likely to negotiate prior to a hearing as well as being more receptive to alternatives to expulsion.

Dedicated Educator Now Protecting The Rights Of Disabled Students

At Kishinevsky & Raykin, Attorneys at Law, we believe that all students have the right to an education and we work to help make that education a reality. Attorney Igor Raykin began his professional career as a teacher. He taught children in a variety of settings, including a juvenile prison as well as homeless youth. He then became an attorney more than a decade ago. He focuses his practice on helping children and their parents fight for the education they deserve.

Learn About Your Child’s Rights

If your child is being inappropriately disciplined, an experienced lawyer can help. The Colorado school discipline attorneys of Kishinevsky & Raykin, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, are committed to helping you fight for your child’s rights. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 720-863-4256 or contact us online.

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