All legal services are deemed Essential and as such we have remained Open for Business to handle all of your legal needs.

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Aurora Business and Employment Law Firm

The law firm of Kishinevsky & Raykin handles several types of matters, and we would be happy to assist you.

Automotive Law: If you believe that your recently-purchased or under-warranty vehicle is a lemon, we can help you take action to protect your consumer rights and recover compensation.

Business and Employment Law: Whether it’s setting up a new LLC or Corporation, dealing with regulatory agencies, representing employees who have been wrongfully terminated, or helping employers prevent legal actions by disgruntled employees, we can assist you with all of your business matters.

Civil Litigation: We can file lawsuits on your behalf or defend you against lawsuits. We deal with cases at the county court level, the district court level and the federal court level.

Criminal Defense: Our firm’s experience in handling petty, misdemeanor and felony offenses is outstanding. We handle everything from DUI/DWAI to simple assaults to serious felonies. We also represent juveniles and can take action to help you seal your criminal records.

Estate Planning/Probate: Secure your family’s future with a properly drafted will or trust.

Family/Divorce/Custody Law: We can handle your divorce, legal separation, custody and modification issues. Your family is very important to you, and it’s important to us, too.

Professional License Defense: We represent medical professionals in Colorado who are at risk of losing their licenses. We will represent you and your best interests at any administrative or disciplinary hearings with the goal of helping you retain your license and continue to practice.

School/Education Law: No one is more important to you than your kids, and nothing is more important to their future than their education. Conflicts with the education system can be difficult to manage, and school administrators can be intimidating. We will work with the school to make sure your child’s needs are met. We also work with colleges and trade schools.

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