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Family Law: Helpful Tips in a Divorce

On Behalf of | May 2, 2014 | ADR, Family Law, Firm News |

Divorces are usually never fun. They are stressful, time-consuming and fueled by emotion. The latter usually drags the divorce process out for what seems like an eternity. While you are probably mad at your spouse, you will be amazed what a little cooperation will do to the process. It will be quicker, less time-consuming, and most importantly, less costly. Here are some helpful tips to make your divorce a little less stressful and much less time consuming

1) Divorce is not a contest. There are rarely winners and losers and if you think you are going to “win” your divorce case then you are mistaken. Courts do not view divorces like other cases where there are usually winners and losers, guilty and not guilty verdicts. Courts are almost always going to try to find middle ground, meaning one side is not going to get all the marital property or exclusive custody of the children. The courts will apply the best interest standard and ensure the children are taken care of. The end result is both parties will have to make some sacrifices and there will be no clear winner or loser.

2) Take mediation and other alternate dispute resolutions options seriously. You will be surprised what judges will allow if the parties themselves agree and come to resolutions on their own. If the parties agree, it is much more possible to get what you want as you are making the decisions. It is always better to have the parties decide on the issues in dispute then a court.

3) Do not lie and do not try to hide things from your attorney or the court. It is always better to fight fair and disclose everything upfront because if the court thinks you’re lying there is a chance that you could actually “lose” your divorce hearing. Play by the rules and they will treat you right.

4) Hire an attorney you are comfortable with and yes, always hire an attorney. You would not perform surgery by yourself or try to fix a major car problem by yourself. This is a major moment in your life and important one with consquences down the road.  You should always consult and use an attorney that understand you and your situation.