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Overview of DORA

by | Nov 13, 2019 | DORA, Employee, Firm News, Regulations, Teacher, Worker |

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (or DORA) regulates a variety of
industries and professions, including barber shops, addiction counselors, pharmacists, certified
nurse aides, nurses and physicians. DORA is composed of several divisions that, with the
assistance of Boards and Commissions, provide oversight for numerous industries and
In general, anyone can access the website for DORA and file a complaint against an
individual licensed by DORA. This is one of the problems, in fact, as it’s quite easy to put a
professional’s career in danger. Once a complaint is filed with DORA, it is reviewed to
determine whether there is a violation of law or regulation. If a violation is likely, then the
complaint is processed and a variety of disciplinary acts may occur, including: issuance of a
Letter of Admonition, probation, issuance of a fine, or suspension/revocation of a license.
Knowing the laws and rules under which your profession are governed is a key step in
preventing a DORA complaint. You can access this information and more by visiting
It is extremely important to take all DORA complaints seriously, and to address them quickly
once they are received. Once you’re informed of a DORA complaint, in general you only have
30 days to respond. Failure to do so could lead to very serious problems.