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Parental Consequences for Juvenile Crimes

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Colorado, Criminal Justice, Jurisdiction, Juvenile Delinquency |

Parental Consequences for Juvenile Crimes

Although a juvenile is held responsible for the crimes that they commit, it may come as a shock to parents that they, too, may fall under the jurisdiction of the juvenile courts. As part of the advisement process for the juvenile, a parent advisement is also given that outlines the potential consequences parents may face for the actions of their children.

This advisement notifies parents that at least one parent, guardian, or legal custodian must accompany the child to all court appearances, be present in the courtroom, and at the podium when their child’s case is called. Failure to appear with the child will result in a bench warrant being issued for the parent.

Additionally, parents may be ordered into drug and alcohol treatment, therapy, and other forms of treatment depending on the facts and circumstances of your child’s case. The court’s sentencing powers also give it the authority to order parents to complete community service, a parental responsibility program, and pay restitution up to $25,000. Essentially, if the facts of a child’s case suggest that parental influence (or lack thereof) played a role in the child committing the crime, the court has the power to take action against the parent in order to prevent the child from committing future crimes.

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