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Colorado Medical Board and The Medical Practice Act

by | Mar 24, 2020 | DORA, License Defense, Regulations |

The Medical Practice Act was adopted to regulate and control the practice of medicine in the state of Colorado.  C.R.S. § 12-240-102.  The Medical Practice Act created the Colorado Medical Board.  C.R.S. § 12-240-105(1)(a).  The Colorado Medical Board is made up of 17 members appointed by the governor.  Id.  The board must consist of 11 physicians, two licensed physician assistants, and four members who do not have any financial or professional association with the medical profession.  Id.  The Colorado Medical Board has the authority to establish rules and investigate and enforce the licensure requirements and investigate the unlicensed practice of medicine.  To that end, the Medical Practice Act requires the Colorado Medical Board to establish a licensing panel to perform licensing functions and review and resolve matters relating to the unlicensed practice of medicine.  C.R.S. § 12-240-106(2)