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Why should I hire an attorney for my car accident?

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Firm News |

Why should I hire an attorney for my car accident?

This question is often raised by people that believe they are able to navigate the offending driver’s insurance. It is true, they can follow every direction from the insurance adjuster, and provide every piece of information requested of them. But should they?

The insurance adjuster does want to help you. But the insurance adjuster does not want to get you as much as you deserve under the laws of Colorado or the facts of your case. The insurance adjusters’ job is to their client, the offending driver, and not you.

When you have a claim against someone else you should seek an attorney that:

  • Knows the law,
  • Will be able to understand what happened to you,
  • Knows the value of case,
  • Is capable of carrying your case to trial,
  • Is knowledgeable of settlement and capable of reaching one.

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